Having completed her debut novel, ' The Snake and the Serpent', there are two things on Stacee's mind. The first is getting it published.  The next is to get back to writing.

What inspires me to write.......

People inspire me.  For years I worked in hospitality as a manager in a huge range of venues, both large and small. You need to be able to notice the details, notice naunces that individuals make. My job was to kind of watch people and anticipate their requirements and reactions. It is also to help my staff, understand and to motivate them. Now I help managers to do what I used to do. But in both of those jobs you really need to know people and what makes them do the things they do. What makes them tick. I find the differences in people fascinating.

So when I write, I write about characters within a story. I know their past experiences and try to work out how they are motivated. People’s cultures, past experiences and beliefs help them to react the way they do to their circumstances. They direct the story, I merely put it down on the paper. This is what I write about.

"I would like to open peoples minds to something different, and hopefully to create an understanding between people where there wasn’t necessarily one previously"
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